06/2012 – In View Studios

In View Studios is Pharaoh’s graphic design software partner providing excellent add-on products to our core IBSWIN modules.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is eactly what In View Studios can do.   Using the In View Tools, you can turn your IBSWIN data into graphical pictures that provide a clearer picture for everyone involved.

Options Magic provides a tool to easily place electric options on your floor plans and prints a professional rendition of your floor plans. It can integrate this information into your Options Plus module or operate in a stand alone mode.  It not only looks good, more importantly it reduces errors.

Sales Map Magic creates a professionally draw project lot map with the status of each lot clearly indicated by the color code.  It is automatically created from the sales data entered in your IBSWIN system eliminating potential errors and providing immediate “real time” results.

Floor Plan Magic is the ultimate graphic tool if you are using the IBSWIN Designer Plus (Flooring) module.  It provides an extremely “cool” picture of the specific flooring products in your floor plans.  Based on your homebuyers selections, with one button push you can create an exact drawing of the your floor plan with the products clearly outlined in each room area.  Your homebuyer and installers will appreciate your professionalism.

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