08/2011 — New Add-on Tools

One of Pharaoh’s philosophies has been to stay focused on what we do well and find partnership “Tools” that help our clients be more productive.  One of the areas that we have been exploring this past year has been helping our clients be more efficient by reducing the paper flow by processing and filing documents electronically.  Rather than try and re-invent the wheel, we have found two products featured in this blog that are definitely worth taking a look at. 

The first product is Paperless Environments software that is sold and supported by EWA Software Solutions.  Paperless is much more than just a document processing system.  Especially if you are a Sage Software client, it can revolutionize the way that invoices and other documents are handled and routed through your company.  Not only can you eliminate the piles of documents stored somewhere in your file cabinets, you can let your superintendents simply review and approve invoices online anywhere.  Simplify the process while at the same time improve the controls.  Check it out further at www.ewasoftware.com.   

The other product that we are featuring is the ESignature Pads from Topaz Systems. Many of our clients have asked for a paperless signature solution that can be used out in your sales offices for your Sales Agreements.  Since we use Microsoft Word to create these documents, this solution from Topaz will work out of the box.  Please check out the following video link to get more information on this — http://www.actonsoftware.com/acton/fs/blocks/showLandingPage/a/277/p/p-0056/t/page/fm/0/r/%7B%7BEnv.RecId%7D%7D/s/%7B%7BEnv.SrcId%7D%7D

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly on any of these add-on tools if you have further questions — Email us at info@ibswin.com or call us at 949-340-7600…