10/2011 — Field Manager Plus

With the advent of the IPad and other notepad and notebook type computers, we have created a simplified interface with just the functions and features your field project managers will need.  We call this new user interface “Field Manager Plus“.   Sometimes less is better and with a simplified menu system with just the selections pertinent to your field personel, it provides access to scheduling updates, service request review and updating, buyer option review and approval, and many pertinent field reports. 

Field Manager Plus is designed to fit on the smaller 10″ screens that these typical notebook type computers have and provide a much better user interface than smart phones.  With cost of these devices now as low as $300.00, it is practical solution whose time has come.  With Pharaoh’s IBSWIN Online, we can provide a completely “hosted” solution for all your office and field personnel or you can host it on your own inhouse server.  With a reduced cost per field user, it is an affordable alternative for today’s mobile and connected world.  Contact us at info@ibswin.com or call us at 866-813-0398 ext. 1 for sales…   

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