Version 12.03

1) Wrap Insurance – Provide simple way to enter, track, and export to accounting wrap insurance deductions for both onsite and offsite contracts.(Download Wrap Deduction information sheet for further instructions).

2) Standard POs – allow capability to allocation one standard PO to multiple lots in a single purchase order. Use standard PO add function select a phase only (no specific lot) and you will see now by line item you can assign a specific lot.

3) Onsite Budget Report – provided way of allocating lot specific costs to the phase budget. This allows entry of budgeted costs that vary by lot and not necessarily by plan.

4) Timberline Budget export – Provide a way of exporting IBSWIN onsite and offsite budgets to create Timberline estimate records.

5) Timberline Invoice Creation – based on superintendent purchase order approvals, IBSWIN will create invoice records to update Timberline for payment processing.

6) American Contractor purchase order export – completed initial stages development for integration with this accounting system.