Version 12.04

1) Autopay – we have added a new module (for a fee) that provides superintendents the ability to approve the contract pay points and purchase orders in IBSWIN which then creates invoice pay records for accounting. It looks like this feature will only available for Sage Timberline for now since we can’t get any help from BudgeTrac. It will require a little more testing and fine tuning for the first users. (Download AutoPay information sheet for further instructions).

2) Option Extras – created new option to attach an option "Extra" to existing option in that specific order. Will attach the PO and cost to the selected option throughout all the option reports. Used to add additional cost / PO to an option that has already been ordered.

3) Prospect Call Follow Up Report – improvements to the call follow up report that will allow filtering by sales agent and opening (uncalled) items. Other general improvements to call follow up.

4) Management Sales Price Screen – created feature that now allows key sales dates (i.e.; release date, sales date, close date, etc,) by lot to be changed here. This will allow sales management to more easily change sales prices on sold lots by removing the date, making the change, and then replacing the sales date all in the same screen.

5) Broker Improvements – added the ability to print report of brokers by project or phase and print mailing labels for follow up campaigns.

6) Prospect Media Quality Report – new traffic report that recaps traffic that has been entered as a prospect and link to one of the media traffic sources to provide "quality" source report.

**The following changes are recent ones made for specific customers that need to be included in the 12.04 release**

1) Contract Roll – created feature that allows user to select revisions (change orders) to be included in the roll from one phase to the next.

2) New Option Copy Function – added copy function to copy all options for a specific plan from one phase to another. **USE WITH CAUTION*

3) Plan Sq. Ft. – was added to selected purchasing reports (purchase orders, start order, option bid sheet, options available by sub).