Customer Service Plus

Sample ReportsCustomer Service Plus gives your Customer Service Department the resources necessary to respond to problems quickly and provides the necessary tools to monitor all tasks to completion. It also insures customer satisfaction by enhancing the "Quality Image" of your homebuilding company by providing timely reports, and inquiries, while running on your existing Windows based computer systems.

Customer Service Plus

Homeowner Lot Information

All pertinent homeowner/lot information is stored in one master record for easy access and for future reference to key data.

Walkthrough / Service Requests

All Homeowner Service Requests are entered into the system for accurate records and to ensure important homeowner problems are properly tracked.

Tracks multiple types of service calls to pinpoint quality control problems and improve customer satisfaction.

Homeowner Outstanding / Work Order Report

List all open work orders and tracks by subcontractor/service representatives for work not completed.

Prints all work orders by homeowner.

Work Orders

Prints work orders for subcontractors and service representatives. This eliminates the manual typing effort involved with work orders, which speeds up customer service response time.

Work Order Aging Report

Lists outstanding work orders by subcontractor or service representative and indicates elapsed time since issue date. This provides management with efficiency reporting.

Tracks work orders with the touch of a button, providing a quick update of every customer problem and its status.

Work Order Report

Eliminates need to maintain manual control log.


Tracks subcontractor performance, through analysis of the number of call backs, work order completion, and gives you the ability to isolate problem subcontractors.

Subcontractor Reports

Subcontractor performance analysis gives you the information needed to negotiate more effectively with your subcontractors.

Service Representatives

Track work orders by service representatives.

Performance reporting by service representatives with elapsed time to completion of each work order.

Identify potential problems through analysis of Work Order Aging Report.

Sample Reports