FTP Your Database

In order to FTP us your database, follow these instructions:

  • In IBSWIN, go to Tools -> Backup Database
  • Click ‘Yes’ when prompted.

IBSWIN will perform the backup and then one of two things will happen. If your copy of IBSWIN is fairly recent, then you will be prompted to directly send the backup to our FTP site. If your copy is not fairly recent then you will have to FTP us the backup the “old-fashioned way.”

Send Backup Directly

If prompted to send the backup directly to our FTP site, then do the following:

  • Click ‘Yes’ when prompted.
  • Type your company name without any spaces in the following prompt window and click ‘Ok.’

Old-Fashioned Way

If you are not prompted to directly FTP the backup to our site, then do the following:

  • Navigate to the following directory <IBSWIN_Install_Directory>/backup
  • Locate the file asavedb.zip
  • Rename asavedb.zip to your_company_name.zip; i.e. if you work for Creative Builder, name the file creative_builder.zip
  • IMPORTANT: You must use the full username support@ibswebview.com; log in to our ftp site.
    • If you receive a The page cannot be displayed message, then press F5 to refresh the page.
  • Copy the file into the Support directory on our FTP site.