We encourage our clients to enroll in our high-quality and interactive training courses. Our experience tells us that some times our clients are unaware of many of our software’s time-saving features and advanced capabilities; our training courses are designed to ensure this does not happen to you. Whether you are a new client, have taken on new employees, or wish to bring existing employees up to speed, we are positive you will find our training courses worth the investment. All of our training is web-based, which means all you need to participate is a computer with an internet connection, a phone, and our software. We currently offer one-on-one client trainings as well as web-seminar classes that multiple clients may attend. On-site training is available at an extra cost.


Our one-on-one classes are designed to be comprehensive overviews of specific software modules. For example, you might schedule training for the Options Plus module in IBSWIN or the Customer Service module in Webview. Depending on the complexity of the module, the training may be given in two parts. Unlimited attendees can participate in the training on your end; you will be able to ask questions and provide feedback as necessary. We currently offer one-on-one classes for all of our IBSWIN and Webview modules.


Web-seminar classes are held once per week and twice per day. Due to the multi-client nature of the web-seminars, they can not be as comprehensive as a one-one-one class. They are, however, a great way to learn about any new features that have been added to modules you are already using or to get a preview of a module you are thinking of purchasing.

1st Quarter – 2016
Date Module Time
Jan 14 Options Plus – Setup AM
  Options Plus – Processing PM
Jan 21 Sales Manager Plus – Setup AM
  Sales Manager Plus – Agents PM
Jan 28 Purchasing – Onsite (Spec) AM
  Purchasing – Offsites / Indirects PM
Feb 11 Customer Service Plus AM
  Scheduler Plus PM
Feb 18 Designer Plus — Setup AM
  Designer Plus — Orders PM
Feb 25 WebView – BuyerView / ServiceView AM
  WebView – SubView PM
Mar 10 Options Plus – Setup AM
  Options Plus – Processing PM
Mar 17 Sales Manager Plus – Setup AM
  Sales Manager Plus – Agents PM
Mar 24 Customer Service Plus AM
  Management/ Security PM

All classes  AM classes start at 10:00 AM PM classes start at 2:00 PM Dates and times are subject to change