02/2010 — Pharaoh’s Hybrid system approach…

The Benefits of a Hybrid System

We are all familiar with how Hybrid cars have been popular lately and how they take advantage of 2 different technologies; 1) traditional gasoline power for maximum speed and power and, 2) electric power to reduce gasoline consumption and help the environment.  These cars blend the 2 technologies automatically so that the car owner gets the best of both worlds.

In a similar manner, Pharaoh’s Integrated Builder Series (IBSWIN) software provides a Hybrid of two popular software technologies; 1) traditional client / server platform for maximum performance, security, and control and, 2) Web based “Hosted” applications that provide Internet access to users anywhere.  There is a lot of “buzz” today about “Cloud Computing” which is really the same as Web based “Hosted” systems.  Although there are some positive advantages that this platform provides, there are some significant disadvantages with this platform as well.

Pharaoh’s IBSWIN system along with WebView provides the best of both worlds that current computer technology provides.  The advantages /disadvantages of each technology platform are reviewed below.   

Client / Server (IBSWIN):


1)      Provides faster and more consistent performance by eliminating Internet bottlenecks.

2)      Typically more mature and feature rich applications that have been around longer.

3)      Database ownership – since your database is located on your own server, transition to a different system is easier.

4)      Lower cost of development and customization due to more mature development tools.

5)      Typically lower cost of ownership of the long term.


1)      Remote access requires more hardware and system software investment.

2)      Requires some IT responsibility for system maintenance, backups, etc.

 Web based “Hosted” System (Webview):


1)      Access to application anywhere the Internet is available.

2)      Eliminates the need for IT staffing by providing system maintenance and backups.

3)      Easier more direct access to the application with less security “hoops” to go through.


1)      More potential downtime and performance issues due to the Internet connectivity problems.

2)      All company critical database information is stored on a remote server, which can potentially make it more difficult and costly to transition to another system.

3)      Potentially more database security issues due to the fact that application is accessible by anyone who can access the Internet.

Although as with Hybrid cars, the advantages of this approach may not last forever if battery technology can greatly be improved.  For the foreseeable future, Pharaoh’s Hybrid IBSWIN / WebView solution does provide the best and most cost effective use of the software technologies now available. 

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