Sales Manager Plus

Sample ReportsSales Manager Plus provides the sales and marketing department with the tools to track prospects from the time they visit your models to the time they happily move in. It automates the buyer qualifying process and provides professional looking print-outs and the ability to track every key date in the escrow cycle. It is designed to run in your sales offices and fully automates sales processing and tracking.

Sales Manager Plus

Real-time Communication of Sales Information

Using Microsoft Terminal Services© or Citrix© your sales offices can link through the Internet directly to you corporate database so that sales related information is updated in real-time.

Automated Letter Preparation and Follow-up

Letters and mailings to prospects and / or buyers are tracked and created automatically via a simple mail merge with Microsoft Word. Create as many letters and documents as you need and schedule regular letters for automated processing. You can also print mailing labels with a simple click of a button. In a similar way phone calls can be logged and scheduled so that you never forget to do the necessary follow-up with your homebuyers and prospects.

Mortgage Plan Alternatives

Pre-qualifying a prospect can be done as easily as selecting the right loans from a list of alternatives as setup in IBSWIN. Each loan can be setup with its own rates, terms, and other details as per the loans requirements and restrictions. This includes the ability to setup loan types such as (but not limited to) VA, FHA, Piggyback, and Interest Only.

Pre-qualifying Reports

Track valuable information about the quality of each prospect by providing amortization schedules and mortgage worksheets for the different programs you offer and show the affordability.

Traffic Tracking & Demographic Analysis

Using a simple traffic screen you are able to enter the traffic information by day and traffic source for each of your communities. Analyze the demographics of your prospects and even buyers by setting up your questionnaires and inputting the responses to generate a comparison of the responses given.

Options Sales Automation

Pre-select options and upgrades for your prospect or buyers from within the sales module. Options can be selected by option category and with the appropriate security options past cutoff cannot be ordered. Enter deposits or payment and print buyer options agreements ready to submit to your purchasing department. As an additional option, Webview uploads the options available in IBSWIN to the internet to allow buyers to pre-select options from home using full color catalogue linked to your website.

Sales Agreement Preparation

Sales and purchase agreements are generated instantly using your established documents using the mail merge feature automatically filling in all the details pertaining to the purchase as entered in to IBSWIN.

Contingency and Escrow Tracking

Sales status tracking is made easy through the escrow status and contingency screens which monitor key dates and activities through the sale process, close of escrow, and buyer move in. Print reports of this key information instantly without the need for time consuming report creation in Excel.

Extensive Sales Management Reporting

All of your weekly and monthly sales reports can be printed at the touch of a button. With real-time updating of information everybody has access to the most current information and with over 40 reports available almost any information can be derived from our database. No more Monday morning fire drills.

Sales Manager Plus is designed to make your sales and marketing department more productive by reducing the amount of redundant data entry, automating a lot of time consuming procedures, and providing all your sales reports with a "push of a button.

Sample Reports