Other Services

We provide various other services to help you gain the most productivity from our products. These services are intended to help you accomplish more with less staff, complete common tasks easily, and improve the performance of our products.

Custom Programming & Reporting

If our software is missing features or reports that are essential to your business, then we can add them for you!

Advanced Mail Merge Functionality – Training

Learn how to create merge documents and letters in MS Word with your IBSWIN data. You can even merge calculated fields, which is especially useful for purchase agreements.

Mail Merge Document – Service

We can perform the setup required in order for you to use mail merge. E-mail us your documents and one of our staff will perform the setup for you and return the documents, usually within 24 hours.

Export to Excel Using ODBC – Training

Learn how to export any of your IBSWIN data to MS Excel in order to create your own reports or import the data into another application that can red MS Excel files.

Export to Excel Using ODBC – Service

We can export your data to MS Excel if you would like us to, but please note that if you would like to regularly export the same data it would be more cost-effective for us to modify IBSWIN to do so.

Export to MS Outlook – Training

You can export any or all of your prospect, buyer, or subcontractor contact information into MS Outlook in order to create custom mailing lists.

Create Mailing Labels & Print Envelopes – Training

Learn how to create custom mailing labels and print envelopes from your prospect, buyer, and subcontractor information in IBSWIN.

Database Review – Service

We can review your IBSWIN database setup and make recommendations on how it can be modified to improve your productivity and ease-of-use.

Database Clean Up – Service

If we found problems during our Database Review Service and you would like us to be more actively involved in helping you resolve any issues, then we can certainly do so. One of our staff will work closely with your department heads to fix things up.

Purchasing Power – Advanced Training

We can show you how to get the most out of IBSWIN’s Purchasing Power module in this advanced training class.

Customize WebView Website – Service

Our Webview product’s look and feel is entirely customizable; if you do not have a web designer we can assist you in this area.

You may request additional information about any of these services.