Website Design

Pharaoh Information Services offers comprehensive Website design and hosting services. As we have gotten more involved with Webview implementation for our clients we have realized a few important things:

  • The desire for our clients to seamlessly integrate Webview into their existing Websites in an easy and cost effective manner.
  • The ability to easily maintain and update their websites without having to be co-dependant upon web designers.
  • With the Internet playing a much more prominent role as a sales and marketing tool there is a need to have websites that can maximize lead generation as people depend more and more on the internet as a research tool to find services and buying opportunities.
  • The more dynamic and interactive the content, the greater the chance of capturing sales and enticing a wider audience to buy with a website being a global marketing tool visible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With this in mind we offer specialized Web design services that offer some significant benefits over other Website design companies. We can:

  • Reduce the development cost by as much as 40% – 50% over other professional Website design companies.
  • Provide seamless integration with user of our Webview and IBSWIN software.
  • Provide a website designed on the latest CMS (Content Management System) tools that will allow your staff to add and change your content rather than paying designers to tasks that you should have control over.  This allows you to keep your website fresh and current without the additional overhead.
  • Pharaoh can produce “video and flash content” for your site so that your prospective buyers can get a better look at the products you offer. These videos and promotional tools could also be used to market your products on YouTube, to create interactive adds for use on major search engines, and other similar sites.
  • Our websites are fully SEO (Search Engine Optimized) compliant. This ensures that you are found more easily on Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines. With a little help we can dramatically improve the traffic to your website using some of the latest technology and tools available.
  • We offer full Web hosting services to any of our web design clients at a premium price. Hosting services include unlimited e-mails, FTP services, a control panel, and all that you would expect from a Web hosting service.

Please contact for further information or schedule a no obligation Website review.

More Samples Coming Soon!