As one of the most widely used products in the home building industry, IBSWIN is capable of providing the basis for your home building software solution. IBSWIN uses a modular design that allows you to choose which functionality is most needed by your business. Whether you start with the entire package or a single module, IBSWIN is the cost-effective solution you’ve been searching for.


IBSWIN allows you to:

  • Sales Manager Plus – Connect all your sales offices via the internet and automate all of your sales tracking and reporting.
  • Customer Service Plus – A complete walk-through and service request tracking system that provides comprehensive management reporting.
  • Design Studio Plus (Flooring & Windows) – Fully automate all of your flooring and window covering orders.
  • Options Plus – Automate the option process from creating the buyer agreements through printing the subcontractor purchase orders.
  • Purchasing Power (Bidding & Contracts) – Simplify subcontractor bid analysis and perform contract document preparation and tracking.
  • Scheduler Plus – Simple yet dynamic construction scheduling system design specifically for a production homebuilder.
  • Webview – Connect with your home buyers, home owners,  subcontractors, superintendents via the Internet.

Custom Programming

As part of our ongoing IBSWIN software support program, Pharaoh provides customizing services to make your screens and reports work the way you want them to.  We can take your existing Excel spreadsheets and create them through our system.  In addition, we have added and developed other software tools to improve user productivity:

  1. Expanded Report Browser — provides any report created in the system to be downloaded to Excel or PDF format and Emailed directly from your Outlook system.
  2. New and Improved Menu System — ability to create custom user menus with “MY MENU” customized menu system and online User Guides and documents.
  3. User Security Profile Setup — simple yet very flexible User Security setup system that allows quick and secure new user additions and changes.