Webview is our internet-based, companion product for your existing IBSWIN solution. Webview places key IBSWIN functionality on the Internet and streamlines the ways in which you interact with home owners, home buyers, and subcontractors.


Webview is based on a modular design, use only those modules that fit your needs:

  • InterestView – Capture and process prospect information right from the Internet. Create customized demographic questionnaires and analyze them with our demographic analysis report.
  • BuyerView – Allow your home buyers to browse available housing options anywhere they have Internet access. Include pictures and pricing to turn your home buyers experience into an online picture catalog. You can also electronically distribute documents to your home buyers!
  • ServiceView – Allow your home owners to submit service requests directly from their browser and alleviate phone traffic to your company. You can also electronically distribute documents to your home owners!
  • SubView – Electronically distribute purchase orders and other documents to your subcontractors complete with document tracking. Additionally, your subcontractors can submit plan and options bids directly from their web browser; forget about faxing and mailing hundreds of documents back and forth!
  • IBSWIN E-Blast – Send E-Blasts (mass e-mails) to your home owners, home buyers, and subcontractors with Webview’s simple interface.

Additional Functionality

Webview also supports the following capabilities:

  • Virtually all of the Webview setup is maintained in IBSWIN, giving you complete control over what appears on the Internet.
  • Webview and IBSWIN can automatically synchronize data between themselves; data captured on the Internet is imported into IBSWIN automatically!
  • All Webview modules are capable of sending E-Blasts (mass e-mails) to appropriate users within the system, i.e. SubView can E-Blast your subcontractors.
  • Webview’s appearance is fully customizable, embed it directly into your existing company web site!

Internet-Based Benefits

Since Webview is an internet-based solution, it provides the added benefits:

  • We host, update, and maintain Webview ourselves; you will always be using the latest version of Webview!
  • Internet-based applications are easier to distribute to your users; hook them up to the internet and they’re ready to go. There’s nothing to install!
  • Put your prospects, home buyers, home owners, and subcontractors to work for you! The more data they enter into Webview, the less your employees have to enter themselves. Webview will decrease your business’s data-entry labor and mistakes.