Version 12.05 Features

Initial Release – Key Features:

1. Subcontractor / Trade assignment We now allow one sub to be assigned up to 10 trades.  It eliminates the need to copy multiple occurrences of the same subcontractor if they are involved in multiple trades.  This will greatly simplify the setup and maintenance of subcontractors in IBSWIN. All the purchasing oriented modules are affected.

2. Revised LOGO attachment With this update, the process of capturing a Company Logo and/or Signature graphics has changed.  The IBSWIN application has been at the mercy of external programs, residing on your PC, for the capture and display of these items.  IBSWIN needed a more encapsulated way of dealing with this.  As a result, you will need to recapture your logo and any signatures you may have been using.  You will be given the opportunity to do this  during the update or you can wait and do it later in IBSWIN Setup/Company Config.  (yes, it will work this time – we promise).


3. Buyer Name Expansion all modulesWe are now allowing you to break the Buyer names into a first and last name.  The full name will automatically be created for you.  Also, you can add a second buyer (first and last name) in this screen.  You have the ability to search by the second buyer’s last name as well as the first buyer’s last name.  The Sales Manager Plus, Options Plus, Designer Plus and Customer Service modules all now include the following buyer name fields:

Buyer 1 – First (new field)

Buyer1 – Last (existing last name)

Buyer1 – Full (existing full name)

Buyer2 – First (new field)

Buyer2 – Last (new field)

Buyer2 – Full (new field)

New token fields for the new fields have been added for WORD merge processing.

2nd Quarter 2008****

1. Managment Dashboard –  It gives the management team a quick snapshot of key sales, options, and customer service information.  In addition, in provides a “drill down” feature to see the actual sales, options and customer service detail for each selected project.

3rd Quarter 2008****

1. Scheduler Plus — new “Schedule Calendar” report.

2. Options Plus —  Estimating Detail level for material and labor costs for both base house and options.

4th Quarter 2008****

1) Option Price Adjustment Utility — For all of our clients using the Options Plus system, we have added a utility that will allow you to increase or decrease your options pricing by a percentage “markup”.  This would be used in lieu of the current option “margin” price calculation.

2) MasterBuilder Interface Improvements — We have greatly improved and expanded the MB export functionality to now include Budgets (Offsite and Onsite), Contracts (Offsite and Onsite), all Purchase Orders, Job Setup and Vendor setup.

3) Budget Export Date Clear Function —provides a simple way to clear the date from all budget records for a phase to re-export the entire budget to your accounting system (Timberline or MasterBuilder).

4) Alternate Option Ordering System —We now have an alternate option ordering system that allows you to track and print order revisions.  Additionally, we have added the ability to change all option form titles.

5) Structural Option / Scheduling Variances — This provides a way of having the system automatically adjust the construction schedule for a specific home based on any structural options ordered.  Schedule variances can be entered in the options setup screen for each trade. When the option is selected, the variance days will automatically adjust the schedule for that home.

6) Onsite Goal Bid / Budget Detail Report —This is a new expanded report that provides detail of all the active bids compared to the budget for every cost code on one detailed report.

7) Update Option Costs “Print” — We have created a new report that can be used as an options bid report to give to your subcontractors.  It has an Excel output option.

1st Quarter 2009***

1) Broker Table — added new fields to add rating codes and Notes for each Broker.  Managing and communicating with the Brokers in your Area is even more critical in this down market.

2) Signature Blocks — added the ability to create “custom” signature blocks on all the Purchase Order, Contract Addendum, and Start Order documents. 

3)  Lot Move Utility — provided new function in “Company Config” — “Security” tab that allows you to   move lots from one phase to another.  There are some restrictions, but  it can be a real time saver.

4) Actsoft Interface — created scheduling interface to new software product called “Actsoft” that provides alternative field updating of the construction schedule via Blackberry device.

5) House Flow Report  Created two new report sort filters that allow you to sort the homebuyers by their “sale date” or “close date” as well as the existing sorts. 

6) Windows Markup by product type — modified system to allow the markup % to update all of a specific product type if markup is changed.

7) Option Copy Functions — improved the option system copy functions to allow the selection of multiple specified phases in one copy pass. 

8) Option Purchase Order Print Improvements — we have provided you with the ability to change the subcontractor more easily before printing the option POs.  The sub must first be assigned to that phase.  If you have multiple subs available for a specific trade, it will pick the first one as the default but allow you to select an alternative.

2nd Quarter 2009****

1) Options Plus — Programmed function to “turn off” sq ft on the printing of the Option Book report.

2) Options Plus —Programmed function to suppress printing $$$ amounts on the Lender Recap report.

3) Customer Service Plus — Added the plan type to the Subcontractor Work Order Summary report.

4) General Setup — Created new flag that allows you to turn off the “auto-fill” of the sequence sheet information setup.

5) Designer Plus (Flooring) — Report enhancement to the Flooring Supplier Pricing report to provide descending sort by price by product type.

3rd Quarter 2009****

1) Designer Plus (Flooring) — Programmed a function to allow discount or premium by phase that is calculated at order time.

2) Designer Plus (Flooring) — Programmed function to provide special markup % on materials only in the Supplier Pricing setup screen.

3) Sales Reports — improvements to the “Concessions History” report.

4) Sales Reports — Added average weekly traffic calculation to the “Weekly Traffic Detail” report.

5) Customer Service Plus —new “Warranty Quarterly Status” report.

6) Purchasing Power  — created new “Onsite Building Cost Comparison by Phase” report for multi-family projects.

7) Options Plus —added new option “Copy” function that allows you to copy options from one plan to another designated plan (all costs and prices).

8) Sales Manager Plus — modified the Buyer Listing (Email version) to include the Close of Escrow date in the Excel download output.