10/2012 – Software Tools

Pharaoh Information Service is constantly creating and looking for new “Software Tools” to help our IBSWIN clients be even more productive.  Whether its graphic tools to provide a visual presentation of the IBSWIN data or Web based tools to provide more direct communication with your homebuyers and trade partners, we want to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition.  Here are some of the current “Tools”:

  • Webview — Your Internet based link to homebuyers and subcontractors.
  • IBSOnline — Our cloud based system that provides access to your IBSWIN system via the Internet anywhere and anytime.
  • Field Manager — Our simplified User Interface for your project managers using iPad or Note Pad computers in the field.
  • IN VIEW Studios — Graphic tools that can paint a clear picture of your IBSWIN data and makes management reporting a snap.
  • Walk Thru Checklist — Designed for the service manager walk thru on an iPad or Note Pad, it simplifies the process and make sure you have walk thru consistency.
  • Interactive Floor Plans — Add sizzle to your Website by providing a tool for your prospects to really work with your floorplans.

For further information on what’s happening at Pharaoh, check out our current 4th quarter newsletter by clicking on the link — Pharaoh Phacts Newsletter 4th Quarter 2012