06/2008 — IBSWIN expands its market focus

Pharaoh Information Services has expanded its market focus into two (2) other areas that are directly related to our traditional “Production Homebuilder” market. These new markets include:

  • Custom Homebuilders
    We have created a total solution for custom homebuilders that includes Sage Master Builder, the leading construction software product for small and medium sized homebuilders. In addition, we have created a Web based add-on called MasterView that provides a direct link to homebuyers and subcontractors in similar way that our Webview does for production homebuilders. MasterView provides a direct link to the project and vendor information in MasterBuilder and uses the power of the Internet to improve the daily communication to homebuyers and subcontractors. The initial release of MasterView will be available later in summer 2008.
  • Service Management
    Another related industry that Pharaoh is helping provide solutions is the service contractor market. Rather than actually developing new software and re-inventing the wheel, we are providing assistance to small and medium sized service contract companies find the “right” software solution for their company. We have identified several leading products for this industry and are working with the various software manufacturers and dealers to provide competitive solutions. For small service contractors, especially those using QuickBooks for accounting, we have identified dESCO as a great fit for these types of companies. For medium to larger service management companies that are looking for a complete solution, we provide Sage’s Service Management suite of products as an ideal solution. Contact us at 866-813-0398 or sales@ibswin.com for further information on these solutions.